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VeganPowerBowls Creators eBook
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VeganPowerBowls Creators eBook

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This is part of a collaboration and therefore have to purchase this eBook on the official website. 
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If you are making this purchase before the 17th of June you'll receive a discount (12$ instead of 14$) and you'll receive the eBook on the 17th June, straight to your email.

We're so pleased to announce the project we've been working on.

We bring you our VeganPowerBowls Creators eBook - filled with some of the finest vegan recipes on Instagram and some exclusives.

This eBook is a collaborative effort by 23 both up-coming and well-established vegan recipe creators. We hope to show you the fun side of plant-based and vegan eating and just how enjoyable staying at home can be during these times!

It shows you how delicious, plant-based eating can be a breeze. This cookbook is perfect for both those looking to begin their plant-based/vegan journey or those that want new delicious healthy meal ideas.

We hope to ease your lockdown, by providing you with over 100+ handpicked recipes from the creators themselves.

We include meals for all times of the day to make sure you never go hungry. All our dishes are vegan and mostly healthy.

Some creators have submitted some secret recipes exclusive to this ebook only.

Included in the Cookbook:

🌱 Introduction to plant-based & vegan eating.

🌱 Over 100+ delicious vegan recipes

🌱 High-quality photo for each recipe

🌱 23 Contributors

🌱 Each creator's 5 favorite recipes

🌱 Some exclusive recipes

🌱 Cruelty-free + vegan

Contributors Include:























Get your very own copy of some of the most delicious recipes on Instagram!